Fantech is a team focused on pushing the boundaries of performance and exploring the possibilities of play. Through better gear and game integration, they believed they can facilitate a greater gaming experience. Teams that practice patience and sacrifice win. They’re the living proof that with the discipline to train non-stop and develop the strategy and skills to bend your opponent toyour will — the right combination of talent, tenacity, right gear and greatness is within your grasp.


Fantech offers both retail and dealership program to its customers. They have been getting dealers with the help of their agents who are usually doing field works. This brand has been struggling to get qualified dealers online.

 The Goal

Fantech aims to acquire more qualified leads with complete requirements and business certifications online.

Social Media


Our Social media Post

Results &

⬆ Acquired total of 443 leads in 6 months with 4 converted dealers and had a total order amounting Php 225,539.00

⬆ Gained 1K fans in a month

⬆ Reached 1M people in 2 months with 1.8M impression

⬆ Received 479 inquiries in Facebook messenger in 2 months