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A better and bigger Tiktok is here for your business!

We all know how immense the popularity of TikTok is nowadays, from the latest dance craze to short comical antics of users. The rise of Tiktok is indeed unstoppable and its recent evolution is the next big thing for businesses and entrepreneurs.

If you own a business and are not yet present on TikTok, you are missing a lot! And if you already started using TikTok to promote your business, check out the following newly added features – TikTok Shop, TikTok Livestreaming, and TikTok Shop Live Selling and see how you can further leverage your business using this app.

Let’s dig into these features:

1. Tiktok Shop

TikTok has more than 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, mostly young people who primarily use TikTok to check the latest and trending products.

Here in the Philippines, we have come across the term “#budol” because of the frequent sale and promos of Shopee and Lazada. In TikTok, we have the trend #tiktokmademebuyit (TikTok made me buy it) and you can see a lot of products and businesses being tagged and mentioned.

According to the new trend report for 2022, beauty and personal care are among the hot topics and it is no surprise that many female users love to search for skincare tips on TikTok. The topic of #skincare has reached 80.6 billion views. Tiktok has no other choice but to take advantage of the abovementioned facts and recently they added the feature called TikTok Shop. This recent innovation allows users to have a market for selling and purchasing goods. Though Facebook and Instagram may have similar features, what sets TikTok apart is that it allows a seamless experience by making the steps from add to cart, checkout, and payment all within the platform. Yes, you read that right! No need to visit a different app or site, you can shop and pay from the app itself.

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2. Tiktok Livestreaming

It’s no surprise that the app known for its short videos has now evolved and now caters to Livestreaming as well. Livestreaming is no longer new as it is already available on existing social media apps. This allows users of the app to have a live broadcast and interact with the viewers and just like other social media sites, TikTok imposes community guidelines on these live streaming and will revoke the user’s rights in case of violation.

What’s nice about Tiktok Live is that you can actually boost the live streaming to gain more potential viewers.

Viewers can send you virtual gifts and diamonds which they can purchase for as low as PHP19.00. They can also send you questions which will also show up in the live comments and you can also invite a co-host with you.

And at the end of the livestream, you get to check your livestream data which is automatically generated right after you end it.

3. Tiktok Live Selling

TikTok Live Selling is a combination of TikTok Shop and TikTok Livestreaming. If you are familiar with LazLive and Shopee Live, this is basically what it is about. It is an effective way to showcase products, chit-chat with the audience, and get instant participation, reaction, and even purchase during your TikTok Live Selling.

By simply clicking on the shop basket, viewers can check out your items. The items included here should be the items you will showcase in your live selling. Most sellers might have hundreds of items, you can add as many as you want just make sure to include a variety of items like a combination of non-moving or slow-moving items and your best sellers.

If you’re wondering how to get started with live selling on TikTok, Here are the basic elements if you really want to make it a hit!

    • Traffic : To ensure there will be viewers, create some teasers (can be a video or static images) and have them posted on TikTok or on other social media, like Facebook, and Instagram. TikTok Promo is another way to drive traffic. Feel free to ask your audience before and during the livestream to share your teaser posts and livestream and invite their friends to watch.


    • Host : The host should possess convincing power and should initiate lively interaction with the audience. Nowadays, a pretty or handsome face is no longer enough, instead, it is advisable to assign someone, who can be from your company or an influencer or industry expert or a known celebrity,  who has enough knowledge of the products and can answer inquiries.

    • Product : You can select them from TikTok Shop’s list of bestsellers or refer to other platforms, and mix them with the new products from your shop or the ones that bring in the most profits. It is best to spend 3-5min/SKU but again it depends on the number of products you need to showcase.

    • Script : The basic script structure includes 3 modules: Greetings or Warming-Up, Product Introduction, and Ending. Most of the time viewers may not stay or some may come in late so it is very important to repeatedly announce your bait; free shipping, discount, or freebies. You can also introduce your products twice or more.

Remember to keep it entertaining by reading their comments product-related or not, answer their questions, mention the number of viewers and expect an unlimited shoutout request as well.

Lastly, you can also be creative and generous by giving freebies to those who purchase during the live or giveaway to those who watch to encourage them to shop more with you.

At the end of your live selling you can see a dashboard with valuable information you can use on your next livestream, something like this:

TikTok has indeed evolved and for sure competitors are also thinking about how to stay relevant with all of these new features of the App. In a digital world, where people crave something fun and entertaining and with business shifting to digital mode, giant tech companies will definitely continue with this kind of update.

Now it’s up to us, marketers and business owners, to decide and test whichever will work best for us.

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