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Everything you need to know about TikTok Shop

More and more netizens are glued to the social media phenomenon, TikTok which continues to change the landscape online. TikTok now ventures with the so-called “social commerce” through the implementation of its latest feature, TikTok Shop.

TikTok Shop is similar to Lazada and Shopee. The difference is that on this social platform you can seamlessly experience the selling and purchasing process without visiting other sites, making shopping transactions more convenient and fast. TikTok Shop also makes shopping very engaging with its attention-grabbing videos and interactive features like TikTok Live and TikTok Live Selling.

TikTok Shop is similar to Lazada and Shopee. The difference is that on this social platform you can seamlessly experience the selling and purchasing process without visiting other sites, making shopping transactions more convenient and fast. TikTok Shop also makes shopping very engaging with its attention-grabbing videos and interactive features like TikTok Live and TikTok Live Selling.

Here are the steps and Frequently Asked Questions in the setup of your TikTok Shop

1. Find the Tiktok Seller center

Here is the TikTok Shop Seller Center:

Then select your desired region portal that you wish to sell to.

As of March 2022, TikTok Shop is available in the United Kingdom and Asia. In the Asia portal, you can choose the Philippines to proceed with the creation of your TikTok Shop.

2. Log in with your TikTok account

Next, you can log in with your TikTok account or with your email. After choosing your desired option in logging into your TikTok Shop, a code will be sent to verify your login.

If the verification process is successful, it will prompt “Authorize TikTok Shop to access your TikTok account?”

Click the authorize button, to show the terms and conditions of TikTok Shop, after reading the terms, you can now proceed with “Sign up with TikTok account” or “Sign up with Phone & Email” which will show the authorization button.

After authorization, another verification is needed by inputting your mobile phone and the code.

3. Input your seller information

This will lead you to the Philippine site of TikTok Shop and you can click “Start Selling” to begin verifying your documents and also answer your background details like the following:

Business Type – Individual or Corporate (for individual sellers, choose individual)

Shop Name – Special characters not allowed

Verify Personal Information – Requires government-issued IDs like Philsys National ID, TIN, or Passport

FAQ: What are the ID and documents needed to upload to TikTok Shop for verification?

For Individual Account – ID type PhilSys National ID or Passport or TIN

For Corporate Account – Scanned copy of business registration document both SEC and DTI (SEC is ok to upload)

Note that a clear scan of IDs should be submitted to approve your TikTok Shop

FAQ: Why does verification take long after the ID is uploaded?

Approval of your ID documents is less than 1 day provided that scanned documents are clear

Make sure that the image of your ID is clear, you can submit the ID file in JPEG, PDF, PNG forms, and up to 10MB, once the ID this uploaded, you need to input your ID number

You can proceed with your other details in the “Business Owner Information”

Business Owner Information includes: Personal Info, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name Birthdate

Once done, click the Submit button.

Next, TikTok Shop will summarize the seller’s details and confirm this with you to ensure that your information is correct. After confirming, these details cannot be undone and will proceed for review and indicate that your TikTok Shop is for verification.

FAQ: How to know if my account is verified already by TikTok Shop?

TikTok Shop notifies through message through your TikTok account and email account.

FAQ: My ID is approved already, and now will link my TikTok account, which will I choose? Official or Marketing?

Better to link with Official.

For Official account – The official TikTok account of your shop. You can only link one official account, and the account cannot be linked to any other stores. The products you list will be automatically synchronized to your official TikTok account profile page and you don’t have to pay a commission on the orders generated from this account.

For marketing account – A marketing TikTok account for your shop. You can only link 4 marketing accounts, and the account cannot be linked to other stores. The products you list are not automatically synchronized to your marketing TikTok account profile, so you need to sync your products to your TikTok account manually. You won’t have to pay a commission on the orders generated from this account.

4. Indicate your pick-up and return address

While you are waiting for the verification, you can now explore the TikTok Shop page on the left side and input your pick-up and return address. Just click the “Shipping Options” then “Add Warehouse”, fill up the contact person, phone number, and complete address, and then save.

If the Return warehouse is different from your pick-up location, you can also include this or if the return address is just the same as your pick-up, then click the “Set as return address”

By the way, J&T is the official partner courier for TikTok Shop.

FAQ: Who can provide the pouch? Does J&T provide waybill stickers?

Yes J&T can provide the pouch and waybill stickers. For bulk orders, you can request J&T for more pouches while the seller provides the waybill stickers for faster pick-up.

5. Upload your products to TikTok Shop

Afterward, you should start uploading the products that you can sell in TikTok Shop, your product photos should be enticing. Once your account is verified, your product lineup in TikTok Shop can now be seen by other users.

FAQ: Tried uploading the products yet it indicated the product failed, what should the seller do?

It’s possible that the products uploaded were branded, better to indicate your products without any brand names to approve your product uploads. If sellers have their own branded products, you need to register the brand with an IPO document and submit this to TikTok Shop to have approval for your product uploads.

FAQ: Instead of product photos, can I upload videos for TikTok Shop?

Yes, you can use videos for TikTok Shop.

FAQ: Are videos required for TikTok Shop?

Videos are not required in TikTok Shop.

FAQ: Do you earn a “Promote Coupon” when you upload products to TikTok Shop?

Yes, if you uploaded at least 10 products, it expires for 30 days.

FAQ: What is a “Promote Coupon”?

Promote coupon is actually a kind of discount when merchants/creators pay for the Promote function to heat the video or livestream.

FAQ: I have a lot of products uploaded, they are still pending and for review. Are sellers not allowed to indicate the brand name on the product photos?

It depends on the branded products. It also depends if the seller is an individual seller or a company that is either an authorized, flagship, or official store of the brand.

For individual sellers, uploading the product pictures should not indicate any brand name. The product name should not also contain any brand name so TikTok Shop can approve your product lineup.

FAQ: Is the food category allowed in TikTok Shop? What are the allowed and prohibited items in TikTok Shop?

As of now, food products are not allowed and are still disabled in TikTok Shop.
Here are the common products that are allowed in TikTok shop:

FA – Fashion Accessories
FMCG – Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (Not allowed are adult toys, for food its is pending for the meantime)
EL – Electronics
GM – General Merchandise (Pending items are tires and big Items like chairs, tables and appliances)

6. Use logo to promote your TikTok Shop

You can also differentiate and promote your TikTok Shop by adding a logo for your store, just look for the “Homepage” then “My Account” and “Seller Information”

FAQ: How to have a basket icon in TikTok Shop?

You need to set in your TikTok shop for your product in your basket in live. Click your live manager in your TikTok seller and add a product to your Livestream product or you can set live product

7. Link your bank account

Finally, don’t forget to link your bank account to get your payment from your sales, take note that your bank accounts can only be linked after document verification is done.

FAQ: What is the Mode of Payment?

Cash on Delivery, GCash, Paymaya, Debit / Credit Card. The seller’s sales are transferred to a linked bank account that you either withdraw automatically or manually. Auto withdrawal is paid every Wednesday while manual withdrawal is whenever you like. For payments as a seller, only a bank account is allowed.

FAQ: Does TikTok Shop require the registration of a bank account same as the individual or company name?

Yes, for the safety of the account, it’s better to register the same name in your personal bank account or company account.

Other FAQs:

FAQ: Are personal computers needed to use in TikTok Shop? I only have a cellphone to use for my TikTok Shop?

It’s better to use a PC since there are no apps for TikTok sellers, yet you can still use your mobile phone’s browser as your desktop PC.

FAQ: Is there an app for TikTok Shop?

As of this time, there is no TikTok Shop available.

FAQ: If you don’t have followers, can TikTok users can see your products?

Yes, even if you have followers, users can still see your products.

FAQ: How to create a Tiktok Shop account if you don’t have 1k followers yet?

You can create a Tiktok seller or Tiktok shop, no followers are required.

FAQ: Is your personal TikTok account, TikTok Shop, and TikTok business different right?

Yes, you can link or connect your TikTok Shop to your personal account or business account.

Now you know the steps on how to set up your TikTok Shop, you can now create your online store and start selling to your customers.

Get an easy access to TikTok Shop and its perks. Klaiya is a certified TikTok partner, if you want to set up your TikTok Shop, just fill out the form below.

Happy selling.
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