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Effective Ways to Boost Your New Shopee Store Sales

The significance of E-commerce platforms to the lives of business owners and consumers continues to grow in this digital age.

Shopee, one of the leading E-commerce platforms, not only in the Philippines, but also in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, according to CNN Philippines, is making waves in the industry. With that, more and more business owners create their Shopee store in order to ride the trend.

I. Are you one of those entrepreneurs who also have a Shopee store in order to reach more customers and acquire more income through online selling? Well, you made the right decision to click the link of this article, for we are going to share to you the guaranteed effective tips to boost your Shopee store sales!

1. Optimize your Shopee Store

Store Optimization is the foundation of your business in Shopee. As a seller, utilizing your store homepage (Store-front) should be your top-priority — for this showcase product categories such as Best-Selling section, New Arrival, Discount section etc. Also, the store homepage exhibits the shipping and delivery times, online answer time range, store introduction (which explains the store’s return and exchange rules) and more.

With Store Optimization, you make your customers understand the seller’s store information, and because of this, they would be more encouraged to buy in your Shopee store, because it looks more legit and trustworthy.

Fantech Shopee:

2. Improve your Product Listing

Just as the Store Optimization, improving your product listing is important to your Shopee store. Having an in-depth optimization for product titles and images should be done by the seller. Product images should be uploaded completely and if possible include a how-to-use video specially for complex products.

To optimize your product name, you may add Related Product Description Keywords. You can use easy-to-understand language, so that you can attract buyers and establish a good impression of the product and attract them to place orders.

3. Upload and Boost New Products Regularly

Pro-Shopee Seller Tip: Regularly use the free Boost function on Shopee. Everyday, you may add new products at different time periods. Shopee will then rank the new products in a higher position along with other similar products for a shorter time period. This improves the continuous exposure of your Shopee store. (Include where they can see the FREE BOOST FUNCTION)

Also, know that the peak shopping time of each market varies, and with that you must launch new products during the customer’s new active time frame in order to boost the daily exposure and your product’s order quantity.

4. Keyword Advertising is Important

You must know that Shopee’s Keyword Advertising is Pay-Per-Click. With the implementation of Keyword Advertising, the exposure of your products can grow. Also, your product may appear at the top of the search results page which may definitely reach more customers. Hence, you, as a seller should top up Advertising fees in advance, together with an on time launching of Shopee Keyword Advertising Campaign. Plus, it directly reaches the target market especially on Key Promotion days like 2.2, 3.3, 4.4 and more!

5. Implement a Bundle Deal Promo

“Bundle deal is one of the strongest marketing tools launched to buyers,” according to Shopee. You can significantly boost your store products’ sales volume using the Bundle Deal Promo.

In terms of Bundle Deals, the sales of products through this promotion is high in demand, especially in electronic products on Shopee. To increase sales, you may also check which products have Repeated Purchase Records based on the historical data of the products sold in your store through Business Insights, so that you can use that particular product to bundle with slowing moving products.

6. Purchase Traffic Packages

One of the most vital marketing and promotions for Shopee sellers is Purchasing Traffic Packages. Based on Shopee, several traffic discount packages can be found on each website. This includes Keyword Ads, Product Coupons, Display Sales of Special Products and Push Product Information both on and off the site. By purchasing traffic packages, you can definitely improve the traffic of your Shopee store.

7. Ensure Excellent Account Health

To ensure Excellent Operation Performance in your Shopee store, you must provide your customers with efficient after-sales service and excellent order fulfillment quality standards. Customer Service is important as well — for your response to the customer needs and maintaining a High Online Response rate must be considered too. Also, if a large demand for orders happens, you must guarantee sufficient warehouse manpower to deliver the products on time.

II. Don’t feel sad and discouraged if most of the items listed above are not yet implemented in your online store or if these are still new to you. You can start with one and try the other and see which one best fits your shop considering your budget and time of course. Or you can simply tap us for help and we’ll make time for you. It’s FREE by the way!

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