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Food Business: Setbacks & bounce back during pandemic

The pandemic has damaged all industries across the world, leaving devastating aftermaths to everyone especially to food businesses. The disease is still spreading and the quarantine period is dragging into its sixth month now, resulting in an unexpected major setback for brick and mortar shops to either close down permanently or limit their operations.

Even Jollibee was also forced to shut down many of their joints in the country, affecting not only the livelihood of their employees and the franchise owners, but the economy too by suffering a net loss of P12 billion in the first half of 2020. Imagine the loss of small-time restaurant owners who are then compelled to think of a way to keep their business afloat and their employees safe while still being able to earn enough to provide for their families.

Fortunately, almost everyone has access to the internet today, and businesses are entering the digital world in a steadfast manner – including the food industry. The advantage of social media usage gave business owners a platform to slowly bounce back while the majority of the country is under quarantine.

Many Filipinos reinvented themselves and became home cooks and gourmet chefs who shared their creations and later started their business with the help of social media platforms. The innovative Pinoys soon found a solution to lessen the economical impact made by COVID-19…but now that more food businesses are sprouting left and right how will yours stand out?

The FOOD Strategy: Basic survival tips for food businesses during a pandemic

Facebook is a must!

The competition in your area may be tough as everyone tries to make ends meet for the bills so you will be needing a platform that will easily reach more people than your competitors do — and that is Facebook! Surely, you are online friends with your neighborhood and posting your menu of the day will guarantee that more prospect customers can see it. If you are a slightly larger scale looking forward to reaching more people than just your neighborhood, then you can start boosting your Facebook posts.
Creating paid post ads allows you to target more people around you and gives your business more potential customers. However, we understand that you are too busy to do so and you would rather focus on your expertise of cooking rather than paying full attention to your fb ads. Don’t worry because we are helping SMEs during this trying times so if you are interested to get a little help, connect with us! We’ll take care of your weekly contents and boost your posts to tap more potential customers.

Operating time adjustment

You might also want to consider changing your operating time based on some factors. You can operate as early as breakfast to merienda if you have a strictly implemented curfew time in your area, closing early is recommended on areas with curfew. You can also operate from 9 PM to 3 AM if you think people in your area are more active during this time. If you are near the market or if you know there are workplaces operating in a graveyard shift like nearby hospitals, police stations and call centers, 9 PM to 3 AM operation time could be an advantage for you.

Online presence is an advantage

Aside from Facebook, you can also explore other channels based on your business needs and scale. If you want your business to be known in digital marketing channels, it is best to invest in advertising and consult with experienced marketers especially if you’re new to the digital world, which can clearly be intimidating.
Our company offers free consultations to anyone who would like to venture whether into digital marketing, website development or e-commerce enablement. After a comprehensive analysis on your business, we will be your compass in every channel suitable for you. The potential of your business now relies on your courage to take our help.


As long as we see no end to this pandemic, it means more delivery and less seats for food business. Consider offering convenient delivery terms and partnering with reliable courier services. Take note that the reason why people are choosing to order food is because they simply want to lessen their exposure outside their homes and door-to-door delivery is among the reasons why they choose your business over others so make sure you make it hassle-free and as much as possible budget-friendly.

If you started thinking of the bigger picture for your business but are still unsure or lost and still don’t know how to start your digital journey, we are here to help. Consider this free consultation from us as a gift and use it to your advantage to learn more about what your business needs. Let’s have a friendly business talk and you will be amazed at how your business can evolve.

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