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The Secret Revealed: Successful Lazada and Shopee Store Owners Do That You Must Try too!

Convenience, better prices, awesome deals, and a huge list of product choices are some of the countless reasons why online shopping has become more and more popular nowadays. And with that, as the number of online shoppers increase, many business owners are starting to get interested in becoming online sellers in E- commerce websites like Lazada and Shopee.

Are you one of those sellers who have Lazada and Shopee stores that you look up to and asks, “How does this online store gather so many followers and customers?”, “How do they even acquire so many sales?” and “What are the strategies that make them successful that I can also apply to my own E-commerce store?” If so, we listed E-commerce Store Operation Secrets that YOU MUST know to get HIGH SALES and to make your Lazada and Shopee business a success!

1. Optimize Your E-commerce Store’s Organic Traffic

As a seller, to make your E-commerce store successful, you must be aware of these core factors that affect the organic traffic of your new Lazada or Shopee store:

Product Name Keywords:

If your e-commerce store’s traffic is low, you may check if the product name you use has appropriate keywords. Optimize your keywords by adding more accurate and long-tail keywords. You may try this format to enhance your product name: Brand + Product Model + Specifications and Type (+ Size if applicable)


• Fantech MH87 Blitz Adjustable Headband Gaming Headset Headphones with Noise Cancelling Microphone – Multi Platform Compatibility (Black, White and Pink – Sakura Edition)

Product Assortment:

You must know if the number of products is rich enough for your store. It is good to have assortment of products to sell, because the more the product, the more the sales may be gained in your E-commerce store.

To promote your E-commerce stores, here are great tools that you can optimize to increase the main traffic source of your products. As sellers, you must be familiarized with these E-commerce platform terms:

    • Vouchers – Vouchers may increase your conversion rate and drive up purchases in the E-commerce store by offering customers discounts and cash backs. Several types of vouchers are available in Lazada and Shopee namely:

    • Instant Messaging – As a seller, ensuring a clear communication with the customers is a must. You can chat with the customers using Lazada and Shopee in order to answer inquiries and send push notifications and promos to them.


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