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6 Tips to improve Remote Meetings

Whether or not you’re working remotely for the day and meeting with your team or a client, conducting an efficient remote meeting can be difficult. Let’s be honest, remote meetings can be stressful, and it will likely never reach the same degree of amity as face-to-face meetings. There will be times when the attendees will kind of just go MIA (missing in action). However, it can be helped. We have listed 6 tips you can follow when handling a remote meeting. 

  1. Choose the right tool for your remote meeting needs

One of the most important things to keep in mind when assembling a remote meeting is to choose the right tool to hold the meeting in. If you’re meeting with your team, you could ask them for their opinions about different applications you could use. If it’s a client, you can ask them which tool they are most comfortable with. Some of the tools that are commonly used would be Google Meet, Skype, and Zoom.

  1. Be mindful and clear of the people who will join

Do a double-check of the people you will be sending the meeting invitation to. Make sure to also give a proper step by step instruction on how they can access the meeting ‘room’, as not all tools are easy to navigate. In addition to that, do inform the people you’re meeting if you’ll be requiring video or will just be using the microphone. 

  1. Introduce or do a roll call in the beginning

To introduce everyone about the other people in the meeting, it’s best to dedicate at least 5 to 10 minutes of introduction or do a roll call.

  1. Pick the best location

Aside from muting any distracting sounds in the meeting, choose a location at your home (or wherever you are for the duration in the meeting) where you can focus properly and avoid any disturbance.

  1. Be prepared

Join the meeting 5 minutes early. If you’ll be presenting, set up your working space early to avoid wasting valuable time.

  1. Ask everyone about their thoughts and feelings occasionally throughout the meeting

To make everyone feel comfortable and to ensure that there will be no awkwardness, it’s always important to ask the attendees for feedback, especially if there is no video involved. This will help you track the atmosphere for a smooth and relaxed discussion.

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