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Google My Business Listing during COVID-19: Turn warm traffic as your customers

The coronavirus pandemic has brought nothing but damage to everything out there. While everyone is busy looking for operating shops during the quarantine period, some businesses are left to come up with a new plan to inform their customers about their new working hours or temporary closures. This is where Google My Business (GMB) listings come in place.

GMB Listing During The Pandemic

  1. Many customers rely on GMB listings about store operations

You can treat GMB listings as your life vest during the quarantine period. Normally, people approach these listings when they only need to know the necessary information about a business. However, the system of the searches erratically changed as soon as user behavior began shifting. 

Businesses must keep their GMBs updated, as customers need to know if they are operating during this time if they are offering deliveries, and other possible concerns rooting from the current situation.

Here are some other details you would need to update during this time:

  • Business Description: Let your customers know if your business is affected by the pandemic and inform them about the precautions your company has been taking.
  • Google Post: Create Google posts to share details and to communicate with your customers as you make necessary changes for your business.
  • Phone Number: Make sure that the phone number on your GMB is updated, as your customers may want to contact you. 
  1. Google is taking steps

Google has restricted some of its features as of March 21, 2020 such as not publishing new reviews, review replies, or new Q&A until further notice. For this period, Google has launched a new feature called COVID-19 Post type to help businesses update their GMB pages, making it easier for them to communicate important details with their customers.

Before, Google usually moves on when businesses report glitches and merely lives with it. Now, upon realizing that businesses are fighting to survive, Google is now responding fast to fix any errors.

  1. Pandemic or not, it’s always important to update your GMB listings

The lesson to learn during this pandemic, especially to businesses with GMB pages, is to never wait until there comes a disruption that will threaten the listings to fall out of date — or worse, bring dissolution to the business. 

By updating your GMB profile, Google Search and maps will actually display your updated business information that can attract new customers who are looking for operating shops. GMB is an omnipotent and effective tool to use which all businesses across industries could benefit from, and those who have taken time to learn and use its features could move faster from other brands during this time of crisis.

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